What can Special Projects provide?

1) Guidance and training for Leadership - Individual, Team and Organizational Development.

2) Administration of special projects related to Child/Youth/Family Development, Healthy Lifestyles. Diversity/Cultural Awareness, and Tribal Colleges & Native American Tribal communities.

3) Training and coaching of Type development for indivdiuals and teams, using MBTI and Emotional Intelligence instruments and research.

UNL Extension - Special Projects

Tribal College Extension & Land-Grant College Partnerships

Individual, Team & Organizational Development, MBTI Type Master Practitioner

Leadership, Healthy Lifestyles,  and Child/Youth Development


Who is involved in Special Projects?

1) A PhD Extension Educator with statewide responsibilities to UNL Extension.

2) A network of partnership professionals, University Educators and Specialists, providing research-based education, including information and technical assistance, coaching and training, and cultural diversity awareness.

Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC) Partnership Activities:

 UNL Extension has a formal partnership with Nebraska Indian Community College providing training and technical assistance in leadership, team-building, and oganizational development.

 Isantee Sioux Tribal members celebrate the Bison Education project, a UNL Extension Youth-Adult Partnership project - This project was funded in part by a Rural Youth Development Grant supported by the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, administered by National 4-H Council through a Youth In Governance grant project.

Dr. Jeff Hart uses the MBTI and EBW instruments for indivdiual and team development with all Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC) employees, as part of NICC's professional devleopment program.  The photo above shows a session about Emotional Intelligence - developing self awareness and awareness of others regrading emotions and behaviours in the workplace.