Crete Youth in Governance Recognizes First Responders

Saline County Extension oversaw the placement and work of a flood service ship student from UNK during the summer.  The student was able to repaint a flood-damaged walking bridge in Tuxedo Park in Crete during her time with the project. 

The Crete Youth in Governance Team purchased Nebraska Strong water bottles, which were presented at a Crete City Council meeting to first responders who helped when the floods hit Crete this spring.  Our local county extension office is assisting with the formation of a Long-Term Recovery Group (LTRG) in our county.

Long-Term Recovery Group

Those recognized were - Crete Police Department: Chief Steve Hensel, Sgt. Ron Koch, Sgt. Chad Menagh, Officer Brian Stork, Officer Drew Smith, Officer Audrey Arbuckle, Officer Brandon Howland, Officer Colin Gaman, Officer Lincoln Morehouse, Officer Sally Tyma. Crete Fire Department: Tod Allen, James Yost, Terry Petracek, Brad Elder, Matt Bakker, Harrison Gaman. City of Crete: Dan Dunaway – parks and recreation, Brad Bailey – building inspector, Brian Schmidt – electric department, Diann Nettifee – utilities, Telisha Carnes – utilities, Trenton Griffin – street department, Lyle Calkins – street department, Alfredo Navas – street department, Dillon Aksamit – street department, Brandon Koll – wastewater, Lee Krasser – wastewater, John Wiruth – wastewater.  

Others we wanted to recognize because they have worked with our team over the years: Tom Ourada and Mayor Dave Bauer. 

River Run Results


Crete Youth Pumpkin Festival

Crete Youth In Governance members help with games for youth at the Pumpkin Festival.
Lieutenant Governor, Mike Foley visits 4th graders in the Crete After School Program
Lieutenant Governor, Mike Foley, stopped by to disucuss his role as the Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska with the 4th graders in the Crete After School Program. The 4th graders are just starting a seven week club learning about civic engagement led by teenagers in the Crete Youth in Governance Club and UNL Extension Educator, Leanne Manning.
Crete Youth In Governance Team presenting bench
Several members of the Crete Youth In Governance Team wish to thank Jason Maly for donating his time and products to make this new bench possible.  The bench is along the Tuxedo Park Community Trail and is placed so that those traveling the trail will be able to overlook the river.  Pictured are:  Samantha Weber, Eric Stehlik, Anita Stougard, Colin Maly, Jason Maly, and Bailey Stougard.  Other team members not present include:  Natali Avila, Ebben Blake, Ilysa Blake, Alyah Blake, Daniel Braunberger, Zoe Kraus, Amanda Sandoval, Taryn Shaw, and Leanne Manning.  Photo courtesy:  Nebraska Extension Saline County.

Grant Announced For Tuxedo Park Community Trail Project

Over the past few months the Crete Youth in Governance Team, under the leadership of Leanne Manning, UNL Extension Educator Saline County, has started to work on plans for the Tuxedo Park Community Trail. The team has already formed a comprehensive plan for the completion of the Trail with the assistance of Mary Hanson, Outdoor recreation Planner, National Park Service, and discussed matters with members of the city council. The premier obstacle of this project's success is a lack of funding. The Youth in Governance Team along with Mr. Tom Ourada, The Director of Public Works, have applied for several grants hoping for some assistance in achieving their goal. The team was privileged to be selected for a Development Grant sponsored by the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association in the sum of $1,000. Although there were many other admirable projects the Tuxedo Park Community Trail was deemed admirable enough to receive this grant. With this money, the Crete Youth in Governance Team and the City of Crete will be able to take the first step to complete the trail.

Bridge project 1
Bridge project 2

Members of the Crete Youth in Governance Team lend a helping hand to the City of Crete to install a foot bridge to cross a drainage ditch in Tuxedo Park as a part of the Tuxedo Park Community Trail Project. Partial funding was provided through grants received from the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association and Norris Public Power. Crete Youth In Governance members who worked on the bridge construction were: Emily Manning, Leanne Manning, UNL Extension Educator; Eric Stehlik, 4-H Program Associate; and Pam, Caleb, & Matt Scholz.